Discover Germany "Best of German Architecture 2020"

Quality of life meets innovative architecture 


Sophisticated with a timeless sense of elegance: Stuttgart’s renowned architecture firm FUCHS WACKER merges quality of life with the modern art of architecture. The future residents and their individual requirements, visions and needs take centre stage here. Following that philosophy, the successful agency offers holistic solutions regarding architecture, interior design and landscaping. 


Architecture with a vision, and celebrating aesthetic values and top quality through clear structures and spaces flooded with light: architecture firm FUCHS WACKER offers design highlights which are recog- nised far beyond Germany. 

The team around founders Stephan Fuchs and Thomas Wacker promotes not only quality of life with its buildings, but also manages to communicate pure joy. Its focus lies on designing exclusive villas and complex luxury properties, which radiate a very special atmosphere and form a delicate symbiosis with the natural environment. 

“We always approach a new concept from the atmospheric, the human point of view,” 

Thomas Wacker explains. “We put ourselves in the position of our clients, read ‘between the lines’and turn those insights into buildings. That’s why we develop almost every house starting with the floor plan. We think in daily scenes taking place in the building. From entering the house to walking over to the kitchen. From the pantry to the bedroom, from welcoming guests at the front door to serving them dinner in the kitchen. All those scenes de- termine the layout.” 

The results are stunning spaces. According to Wacker, these rooms want to be‘operated’ rather than being ‘used’. “Our passion for details creates value for our clients and gives each house its unique character. This passion is palpable and changes the be- haviour of the residents.” 

The devoted client base in Germany and abroad speaks for itself and currently a number of spectacular villas are be- ing developed across Europe. The clients are highly conscientious, open-minded and well educated. That’s why FUCHS WACKER places great importance on sustainability, the ecological footprint and factors regarding building biology. Although the team of architects has found its coherent visual language, each house is completely different, just like each client. 

Aside from the clients’ ongoing trust, the architects can also be proud of an impressive total of 58 awards. Among them is the Iconic Award 2019 and the German Design Award 2020. But when it comes to their work, only one thing matters, as Wacker adds: “It’s our passion for design that keeps inspiring us.” 


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